As a result of the merge between Amazing Muay Thai Gym and Pro Muay Thai Hua Hin, we offer you more in the world of Muay Thai Training and Fitness.

Being a long-established Muay Thai and Fitness Gym conveniently located in Soi 102, walking distance from Blu Port Mall and the beach.

We specialize in Muay Thai and Muay Boran training from beginner level, kids’ classes, group training to advanced level Muay Thai training. Our facilities also include a fully equipped Gym with personal trainers.

Pro Muay Thai Hua Hin provide training and promotion of Pro Fighters at Amazing Muay Thai Gym.


We offer a fully equipped Fitness and Muay Thai Gym with nearby accommodation in Top-Rated Hotel and Guesthouse partners.

TRAINERS: We provide experienced and professional trainers who are actively involved in Pro Fight Training, Muay Boran and Muay Thai training for all ages and levels.